Thursday, 31 July 2008

Watching the sun go down, a whisper in my ear, a hand in mine - mum,-Israel must be the best country in the world...
Today son number two came home all excited telling me had had carried a turtle and that they had been watching Russian hamsters ( hum) and the animal with a "chofar" on his head with their oulpan class. Being a child is so great, isn't it unfair that we have to grow up?
We've had big problems opening a bankaccount without our Israeli id's, which should arrive by mail soon. Today we called to cancel a meeting at Hapoalim when the woman taking care of said that she would be able to fix it without the téoudat zéoute.
She thinks we're idiots, We have a tourist account, changing it to an Israeli account means she will lose us as clients. since we where waiting for money comming in to our account she probably waited and refused to change the status until she got her commission paid. Now the money has arrived on our account and "taratata" the Israeli law has changed, It is now possible to change without id's. Magic. The bankworld is really rotten.


Ilanadavita said...

The photo is beautiful.

Leora said...

Yes, breathtaking photo.

I'm sorry to hear about your banking problems. Years ago, in the 1980s, I had bank problems in Israel (I was just visiting). So hoped they might learn a bit about customer service. Sigh. Go with the flow, and enjoy the beautiful beaches in Israel and the kind people. You gotta live with the banking system. Sigh.

swedish chekchouka said...

it is ilana, isn't it, the sunset here is magic.
leora, banking problems are everywhere, they just want to earn money on us, poor customers.