Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Briefing at the JA.
We have recieved the plane tickets for next week, and in our passports there are Visas valid until december. A few days after our arrival we will recieve our Israeli ID card.
I was happy to find another family with children who is moving to the same part of Natanya as we are, perhaps my oldest son will be in the same class as their's. I guess it will be esaier to have someone to talk to in the beginning and less scary the first day if there is another boy as nervous as mine in the same school.
The group of future Olim is mixed. There are religious, seniors and young families, all excited, exhausted, nervous and happy. Some of them are moving there for religious reasons and have chosen Jerusalem, others have retired and are moving to Ashdod or Eilat while the third part believes in Israel as country and are settling down in the Central part in towns like Raanana and Natanya.
Tonight we will all meet up in a Synagogue in Paris where we will recieve blessings from the ex chief rabbi of France and listen to the speech of the Israeli ambassador.


Saskia said...

Wow!! It is so close Im so exited for you! And it must be so nice and a comfort to go with other families too!

swedish chekchouka said...

it's so close I can almost touch it!