Monday, 7 July 2008

The sun rises, and goes down- 15 days...

Friends and family are leaving for holidays and I do everything I can to avoid saying good-bye.

I hate that word and tell everyone I'll pass by before leaving. It feels very strange, I know everything will continue here, that people and life will go on without us, that we have chosen such a different path comparing to others. As I'm very tired and probably look like shit lots of people ask me if I have changed my mind, if I regret my choice. I just say no, how could I explain how sure I am about our decision? It's insane, we have no house, we've sold almost everything we had and I feel absolutely nothing about it. The fact is that we're already gone, both me and my husband left a long time ago and are now in the departure longue watching the minute hand moving.

My oldest son had a few difficult days last week. He was sad leaving his school and worried about saying goodbye to his friends ( just like myself ) Staying at our cousin's place is great, he spends his days playing with his cousins and shows no signs of anxiety.


Ilanadavita said...

I understand the mixed feelings. it is such a big leap!

Mia said...

Off course you are exhausted. Just because you want to go where you are going doesn't mean you have to grin with happiness of the prospect of leaving your local friends.

Hang in there, you will soon be there!