Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Last night in my bed, in our house, on our street... I'm so tired I just realized it. We have had a tough day. The boy's farwell party...we counted on sunshine since we have no furniture or games left ...of course it rained the whole afternoon. We made them play bowling inside, volleyball in the livingroom and gave them lots and lots of chips, sodas and sweets. They had a great time!
We're almost done, I think I will need 4 hours tomorrow morning and then I will try to relax.
Tonight on the news they talk about Jerusalem, it makes me out of my mind - every time there is a truce they start killing innocent people in suicide attacks, even if this man didn't blow himself up he continued until someone else did.
I feel no fear , only anger. Maybe I will be afraid in Israel after terror attacks, just like I was afraid to take the train into Paris the day after the St Michel bombing in -95.
The aim of these idiots is to sow the seeds of fear in every innocent mind, to make you feel insecure taking the train, the subway, the plane, going shopping in crowded places, visiting monuments like the Eiffel Tower or go abroad.
The best way to fight terrorism is to refuse cooperating, refuse the fear, continue to live as normally as possible because we all have the right to live in our own country without being afraid of getting killed by a bastard who doesn't beleive in the same G*d as we do.

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