Thursday, 24 July 2008


Yesterday was so full of happiness that it will be kept in my memory together with the days I gave birth to my children, got converted and married.
The trip was fantastic. The plane was full of Parisian olim, singing, clapping hands, laughing, crying, hugging eachother. When we approached the Ben gOurion Airport everybody put on their "Olim Hadashim" tshirts and caps and the whole plane had a common countdown, at zero, when the wheels touched the ground the children where screaming of joy and lots of adults where crying of emotion and proud. I hope we will all sort it out here and that all of us, in a year or two will think back of this step as one of the most important steps of our lives.
The welcome ceremony was very moving and saying thank you and good-bye to the staff of the Jewish agency difficult. They have been with us for a year and half, and have accomplished their task, now they will start all over again with new families.
A Shirout took us home to our appartement in Natanya in the afternoon and we brought our 400 kilos of luggage inside.
Today we will start furnishing the appartment.


Lillie dAmour said...

Jag ryser gumman, verkligen.
Vilken otrolig dag ni har haft och vilken otrolig dag ni kommer att fâ.
Packa upp är nog bättre än att packa, sâ bonne courage.
Jag sitter redan pâ jobbet och har en jobb intervju i eftermiddag längs A1, Parc Expo Villepinte, när jag sâg att det var uppe längs A1 sâ tänkte jag pâ dig....det behövs inte mycket !
I alla fall, jag hâller av dig otroligt mycket.

Anna said...

vilken härlig start på ert nya liv! anna uk

DK said...


Och mazel tov!

Leora said...

Mazel tov.

Mia said...

How wonderful to hear from you. I am glad that you had the best of starts to your new life.

Thinking of you all!

Anna Malaga said...

Oh, hjälp vad spännande! Jag hänger pâ, lycka till!

Ilanadavita said...

This is great. Hope you enjoy every moment of it.
Shabbat shalom in your new home.

Phyllis Sommer said...

mazel tov. i am really enjoying your journey!!!!