Sunday, 3 August 2008

This is the view from my livingroom, far away I can see the towers of Tel Aviv.

My son had a little sunstroke chabat. He didn't feel well friday evening after having played football on the beach without a cap. During the night and on chabat he had strong fever and headache. I hope this will make him put a cap on, the sun here is so strong and a friend to avoid I'm afraid.
My husband went to the synagogue yesterday, it's beautiful, filled with nice and mixed people, just like we're used to. Feeling good in your synagogue is very important and according to my husband we made a good choice.
I'll try to get up next week, it starts earlier here than in France and as we go to bed late on Friday the children are sleeping saturday morning.


Baila said...

Synagogue starts earlier here and also ends much earlier here. Combine that with not having a Sunday and I often stay in bed on Shabbat mornings. But I try to make the effort to go, because I want to start making friends and for myself to become a familiar face in Shul.

Leora said...

I hope your son feels better soon, and I hope his body acclimates to the strong sun. Sounds like he is having a good time, and that is important!

Wonderful photo.

Ilanadavita said...

I like the photo too.
I guess it will take a little time for everybody to adapt to the Israeli climate after so many years of French Paris weather.
Glad to see you're enjoying it.

Saskia said...

wow its so beautiful Im so hapy for you!!