Thursday, 17 July 2008

Yesterdeay all future olim gathered in a synagogue in Paris and received blessings from the French (ex) chief Rabbi. The Israeli ambassador of France held a speach about Israel, Aliyah and Eldad and Ehud. He almost cried when he told us he just took down their picture from his office- wall and said he hoped we would all, soon after our arrival, be able to celebrate Guilat's homecomming- alive. For those of you who didn't know; Israel just swopped 199 bodies of terrorists and Kuntar ( who killed a family, smashed a 4 year old girl's head on a rock until she died) against two dead bodies. The game was awful, the families of the abducted soldiers didn't know for sure, until they saw the coffins that their sons were dead.
Well, the cermony in the synagogue was very moving, people where crying of joy and pain, there where those who where leaving and those who where left.
Like an alzheimer affected I had moments of lucidity when I realized that it's actually our aliyah and for seconds I felt euphoria.
Few people have the opportunity in life to realize a dream. I have often dreamt incredible things like winning ten million euros, buying the most beautiful house with a marvellous seaview or being able to fly. In the end I always wake up, disapointed, thinking it was too perfect to be true.

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