Thursday, 24 July 2008

We had a very busy day. We've bought a fridge, a washing machine and have been delivered the furniture we ordered in May.
This afternoon I went to the post office. Going to the post office is an important part when you change country. It's the place to observe people, probably because there is a beautiful "bouquet" of normal citizens.
Our post office was over-crowded. Outside the line was quite straight and not larger than two people, but once inside it worsened, the queue kind of "floated out" and people where standing everywhere. After less than two minutes the first quarrel bursted out about who was before who and before I had reached the cash desk I witnessed another two. Half of the queue where involved in each argument, giving their opinion about the order. When they wanted to know what I thought and I answered that I didn't speak Hebrew they questionned me in English. Funny, time seemed a little bit less long with this entertainement.
It's very warm, just a little less humid than in a hammam, and yes, I envy those who have AC in their bedroom.
Chabat Shalom!