Friday, 5 September 2008

Jag byter sprâk

och bloggar numera pâ svenska ; välkomna

Sunday, 17 August 2008

All the boxes are opened, Son number 2 who got nits at the Oulpan hasn't got a single left in his hair and I have stopped itching my own head, his fever has gone down and so has mine, although I still feel very tired with a terrible head-ache.
The washing machine that we brought from France can now be emptied without getting electric chocks, My husband tried to get away with it by telling us all to put our shoes on but the kids started to touch it barefoot and thought it was an hilarious feeling getting chocks so I finally won and he has now changed the receptacles on all French machines. My Swedish dad thinks we are crazy, sometimes I think that if he really knew what we where doing he wouldn't ever talk to me again.
Busy week, we're all tired and heading for Eilat in the middle of the week, we do need som rest.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Here we are again, the house filled with boxes... Yesterday when they had finished to empty the truck we decided to have dinner outside. I guess we can't stand those "*!#~)" boxes anymore.
I feel like this is the last thing to deal with concerning our aliyah, when this is done we will be able start building up our new life here in Israel. Until now the days are filled with IKEA, emptying bags, folding t-shirts, raincoats (???) and winterclothes ( will they ever use them?).
I've registered for mu Ulpan, perhaps I told you, I will study from 8 to 1 Sunday - Thursday and courses start in September. I'm going to the same place as the children, and I must admit I'm excited to see those huuuuge lizards they're talking about. Listening to their description it sounds like there are dragons living in the men's room...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

We have recieved our Id's! We have been looking at them, touching , examinating them for minutes as if they where treasure maps, in one way they are!
Today the container is comming up from Ashdod, I dread undoing all boxes I filled and closed them all just a few weeks ago, besides I have just finished unpacking our 400 kilos we brought by plane. Sometimes I wish I had a slave to take care of everything.
In a few weeks, when we will be able to sit down with a coffee without feeling bad not doing this or that I will feel relieved.
All administration is now done, I can't beleive it has been so easy, comming from France where everything that has to do with prefecture means trouble we're enchanted. The public servants have been helpful and nice, that's something I haven't experienced the last 18 years in France!
My son is invited to the neighbour's birthdayparty friday afternoon, I thought that was very kind of them inviting him, I was surprised when my son smiled and said great!
Children are amazing!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Questions my Swedish brother will probably ask:

Why on earth are people eating bird seeds?

-You can divide people into categories, those who doesn't eat bird-seeds are "beginners"

What are they screaming for?

They are not screaming, they are talking, when they scream you run for your life!

Do they take drugs before getting in the car?

I guess they do, probably Speed, I have noticed the same phenomenon in Italy, south of Napoli and also Greece.

How do they queue jump when everybody has a numbered electronic queue ticket?

They stand all together clooose to the cashdesk telling the cashier there is no-one before them, waving their number 67, sometimes it works and the number-board goes from 61 to 67. I have witnessed it myself at the cityhall today!

Why are there so many women gesticulating and talking when I walk little "N" in her trolly?

Because you forgot to put her hat on, because she looks hungry, because she is cute, because she is a child, because she looks thirsty, because she looks too warm/cold/tired... In this country elder women are here to teach us younger how and what and when to do what with our children, one day I will probably gesticulate my self.

Why are they so kind to immigrants?

Because they themselves are immigrants or sons and daughters of immigrants. Because Israel needs its people to live here for many different reasons.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

This is the view from my livingroom, far away I can see the towers of Tel Aviv.

My son had a little sunstroke chabat. He didn't feel well friday evening after having played football on the beach without a cap. During the night and on chabat he had strong fever and headache. I hope this will make him put a cap on, the sun here is so strong and a friend to avoid I'm afraid.
My husband went to the synagogue yesterday, it's beautiful, filled with nice and mixed people, just like we're used to. Feeling good in your synagogue is very important and according to my husband we made a good choice.
I'll try to get up next week, it starts earlier here than in France and as we go to bed late on Friday the children are sleeping saturday morning.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Watching the sun go down, a whisper in my ear, a hand in mine - mum,-Israel must be the best country in the world...
Today son number two came home all excited telling me had had carried a turtle and that they had been watching Russian hamsters ( hum) and the animal with a "chofar" on his head with their oulpan class. Being a child is so great, isn't it unfair that we have to grow up?
We've had big problems opening a bankaccount without our Israeli id's, which should arrive by mail soon. Today we called to cancel a meeting at Hapoalim when the woman taking care of said that she would be able to fix it without the téoudat zéoute.
She thinks we're idiots, We have a tourist account, changing it to an Israeli account means she will lose us as clients. since we where waiting for money comming in to our account she probably waited and refused to change the status until she got her commission paid. Now the money has arrived on our account and "taratata" the Israeli law has changed, It is now possible to change without id's. Magic. The bankworld is really rotten.