Tuesday, 29 July 2008

And ten points goes to... Oulpan Akiva!
The boys came home smiling and all excited, they have learned a few words and apparently had a very good time. They are in the same class and are learning how to read and write hebrew.
Meanwhile we adults tried to open an Israeli bank account without an id card - which seems to be an impossible mission even if legally it isn't. Never mind, we'll wait a few more days.
The washing-mashine installer came this afternoon, I welcomed him as the Mashia, one week without a washing mashine is a lot with 3 kids. In the end I undressed them before serving dinner! I have now washed my first machine and put the laundry to dry, will it ever dry or is it too humid? I'll tell you tomorrow morning.


Baila said...

With our mideastern sun it will dry in no time, despite the humidity. But wait till you leave first load out in the rain. That's always fun!

Akiva said...

Late congratulations to your Aliyah! May you live in peace in eretz israel, the country of our past and our future. It's been wonderful following your journey, and i hope it will all work out fine.

swedish chekchouka said...

baila! it's dry!! I put it on the dryer in the livingroom close to the window. I thing I need to put up a "line" in the washingroom behind the kitchen, you know what I mean don't you.
Akiva, toda raba, it's been nice following your adventure too!

Stephanie said...

don't you have dryers in israel? why do you have to hang things to dry?

swedish chekchouka said...

stepahnie, we do have dryers here, mine is in the container we sent from France though, It should arrive in Ashdod shortly, until then I will save energy and hang the laundry to dry.

Katarina said...

The laundry dries fast, just don't leave it outside after sunset. Than it is getting wet again. I would never use the dryer in the summer, what a waste of money and energy!