Thursday, 20 September 2007

It's getting closer

Maybe this is the last kippour in our synagoge... Maybe it's the last kippour I will suffer from hunger and not from thirst.
Yesterday I had a coffee with my parents-in-law and told them that we should leave ( bli neder) next summer. They seem to be happy about it, my parents have no idea of what we're up to, I feel mum would get crazy if I told her so I don't. Since I am converted to judaïsme my parents have no connection to Israel, for my mother it's just like a sand tub surronded by people throwing bombs, WHO would like to live in a country like that??
Anyway, today is cooking day, why do we prepare so much food for kippour?

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

And one day...

...we just woke up and asked ourselves why we were staying in a country where we do not feel at home.
We picked up the phone and called the Jewish agency and it all started. What IF this could change, What if we'd try...
A few months later people around us are getting aware that we are actually serious about moving and starting a new life. The 3 most common reactions are:

1, people are so pooor in Israel, lot's of people are comming back.
2,Israelis are so rough and hard.
3, you will never find a job.

Maybe we are crazy, but we need to find this out ourselves.