Sunday, 27 April 2008

Off for some rest!

After a week with big dinners and sweeping we all deserve some calm and are leaving for Auvergne ( although it's yom tov today, I know)

Auvergne is a volcanic region in the center of France with beautiful nature and very nice people, winter time you can ski and during summer there are lot's of backpackers and families going there for peace, quiet and fresh air.

We've rented a Gîte, an old house, far away from civilization, with sheep and cows as neighbours.

Tomorrow morning I hope we'll find a "boulangerie" to buy a fresh baguette or two, or four, I long for bread now!


Jacob said...

checkshouka, It seems you had a pretty good day :) And the picture of the volcano is amazing, I love it,
i can imagine doing trekking there is just way good to be true,

Erev tov

Ilanadavita said...

Hope you have a good holiday with lots of peace and quiet.