Saturday, 5 April 2008


Ok, I admit, I have an obsession about finding an appartement. Friday before Shabat I got a phone call saying that the appartement we wanted to rent from May has already been rented. I tried to sound balanced, if I show them I'm panicing the price will increase "by magic", I'm sure.
We need a back up plan if we don't find an appartement in the neighbourhood we want so I spent my evening reading Wikpedia...I still don't know where to search but I have learned that an average salary in Hod Hasharon was 13,326 shekles while in Netanya it's only 6,217 shekels. This kind of information is very important and it raises the question; Do they earn money because they live in Hod Hasharon or do they live in Hod Hasharon because they earn money?
Well, my pediatrician's wife put her son in the basket team because she wanted him to become tall... u n f o r t u n a t e l y he didn't grow up to be twice as big as his parents, life is cruel...
Next week we're starting the Pessah cleaning, it will do me good.
Chavoua tov! Have a nice week!

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