Monday, 28 April 2008

Rainy and cold

or fresh air and beautiful dark sky, it depends on your mood and how you see things. This place is fantastic, the children have fed the lambs with feeding bottles and while I was busy taking pictures of drops ( see pic above), son number two got bitten by a sheep. How did that happen? Have you ever heard of agressive sheep?
A long time ago, when I was young and careless, I used to work at the Perfume museum in Paris. The "consierge's" (carekepper's) dog always slept in front of the museum, no-one really cared except the Americans who felt very upset seeing a Husky sleeping in the sun( she looked awful in the heat)
The dog hated tourists and once bit an American student. The student's teacher freaked out and said she was calling the police, threating with court. The carekeeper didn't speak good French and no English at all ( in Paris they are all Spanish or Poruguese), but understood it was serious and got her son's healthreport with all vaccinations since he was born, showed it to the teacher and told her with proud in her voice that there were no danger of Rabies.
The teacher calmed down and left the place with her bleeding student.
I didn't ask for the sheep's healthreport but called my best friend A who is married to an Irish, he would know sheep better than anyone!
Well, according to him nothing to worry about, still he thought that it was v e r y strange to get bitten by a sheep... According to A he was whispering something about people living in big cities not fitting in on the country side...
In spite of this, the day was wonderful and I'm looking forward to new adventures tomorrow, hopefully under the sun!

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