Thursday, 24 April 2008

So happy to be Jewish!

Rice, potatoes, potatoes again, vegetables,eggs and rice again, and crumbs, kilos of crumbs... this is how you can resume pessah when the sedarim are done.
I love it though, it's facinating that we're celebrating the Exodus from Egypt, reading texts about it although it happened more than 3000 years ago.
That's what makes lots of people criticizing judaïsm, there is no place for changes, no wiling to modernize the texts of the Thora or our rituals, year after year, decades after decades, centuries after centuries we say the same prayers and celebrate the same festivals without any changes- because it's written we should.
For centuries women have probably been sick and tired of the matza crumbs too, when I say nothing has changed I mean nothing.
It's amazing, I'm so happy I'm Jewish and I'm so happy I have children to make it continue to the next generation and even though I'm ranking about the crumbs I'm happy I'm sweaping out matza crumbs instead of bread crumbs this week.


Katarina said...

I love pessach as well, even if me and my friend M sat last night and dreamed about a burrekas...

It is not so hard, especially not here where the shops are filled with things kosher for pessach.

And only a few days left, in mimona I'll make pancakes or mufletta!

swedish chekchouka said...

what is mufleta????

Katarina said...

It is a moroccan thing between bread and pancake that we eat when pessach is over in mimona.

They are eaten with butter and honey and taste lovely after all week without flour.