Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A beautiful concert

In September a violin concert will be held in Jerusalem, just in front of the Kotel by the philharmonic orchestra of Ranaana and 60 children.
The children's violins have all sad stories to tell, with one thing in common, the Shoah...
One belonged to a little boy who loved his violin above all.
Motélé, only 12 years old ran for his life with his violin in his arms, when the nazis entered his village. All alone the little boy joined a group of opposants hiding in the forest.
Discovered by the nazis while playing his violin in the village, he was invited to play in front of them once a week. The little boy put explosives in his violin case and after a few months he had brought enough to explode the nazi HQ.
Motélé was killed later on by the Germans. His violin was taken care of by one of the opposants who later on, when the war was over, moved to Israel with the violin in his suitcase.
In September Motélés violin will be played by a child of his age, together with 59 children with 59 violins they will preform Hatikva.
We will try to be there.
Please take a look at this video:

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