Saturday, 14 June 2008

Thank G*d for

We sold our freezer today. Incredible, what was the chance to find someone not too far to buy a huuuge freeze box? Not too far because the buyer is supposed to pick it up.
A couple of Africans bought it, they will send it to Mauritania... what an exciting and unexpected destiny for a freeezer!
The car is still looking for a a buyer. Someone called a quarter to eleven to night asking for more photos from inside the car- no problem, it's spotless!
The guy lives in Normandy and would love to buy a Ford Fusion, internet is fantastic...I'm ready to go there with the car and return by train, I will feel so relieved when we've got rid of the car.
Chavoua tov all of you!


Ilanadavita said...

This is the car I've got too! Hope you manage to sell it.

swedish chekchouka said...

really? that's funny. Yes, I'll tell you Friday if we sold it or not.