Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Good morning!

Nicolas said in the Knesset yesterday that we will have to split Jerusalem, give the territories back and that he loves Israel. There is a big difference today in the relations between France and Israel, comparing to Chirac's mandatory, but could it possibly have become worse than that?

Splitting Jerusalem? In one way it's already split, I never go to the eastern part. I think that peace feels very, very far away and that it is impossible to just get along with a terrorist organisation, how could you trust them?

Well, from now on Israel is no longer alone, France is by their side - it's an amelioration

In French newspapers and on the Radio they are analyzing the fight between 15 Africans and Rudy, a 17 year old Jewih boy, that took place saturday. Rudy has just woken up from his coma and the journalists are now trying to sort out if he was attacked because he was wearing a kipa or not. The same day another jewish boy was attacked with a machette by a group of Africans according to "Le Parisien".

Paris is a beautiful capital, you're welcome to visit but please try not to look too Jewish, it would be interpreted as provocation, at least in the northern areas.

Maybe Nicolas should take care of his own occupied territories before Israel's...

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