Friday, 6 June 2008

Personal nonsense

Tomorrow morning when I wake up (B-h), I will be 37 years old.
As I wrote to my friend, I will be closer to 50 than to 20...
I don't like getting older, it reminds of that we're not here forever.
Here are my resolutions for my 37th year;
I will stop buying Sweet chili Doritos and eat them up in the car, far away from my chips- obsessed children ( it must be genetic), to celebrate that decision I did it today, again, but for the last time...
I will fold my clothes on the shelves in my ( new, big Ikea-) closet, even when I lack of time.
I will start working again, I've been a housewife for 5 years now.
I will never, ever again wake up with a pimple on my nose or in my front because I'm a grown up, a mother of 3 and because women over 36 never have pimples (even after a bag of Doritos.)
At 37 I will fulfill a dream.

Shabat shalom!

Shabat shalom all of you.


Mia said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Remeber, you are closer to 20 than 60.. you are beautiful, strong and wise!!

I am sure your 37th year will be absolutly wonderful!

Lots of love,

Karin said...

Joyeux anniversaire! Hayom yom holedet! Grattis på födelsedagen!

When I was a teenager I though there would be a time between pimples and wrinkles - I was wrong... Good luck with the resolutions, I can't remember ever seeing Sweet chili doritos here so that might help.