Sunday, 8 June 2008

44 days and counting

We have finally got an answer regarding the fees for bringing the car. It's very, very expensive and really not worth it. We put an add friday afternoon and someone called this morning. I hope we will be able to sell it quickly, we could rent a car here until we're leavning.

The rest of the furniture will be on sale on Ebay, what a pity I'm not Paris Hilton, I could have sold "Knut" ( see previous post) for a fortune...

My husband's family is comming with us to the airport when we're leaving.
Imagine 600 nervous people , with 60 kilos each in luggage, parents, sisters and brothers saying good-bye, crying, at 3 o'clock in the morning... I warned my mother-in - law on the phone today saying it might be a little hysteric and not at all like the nefesh b nefesh film I sent her by email... Well, they want to come anyway and that's really sweet I think, they live far away.

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