Sunday, 22 June 2008

It's funny, as I fill up the boxes and the house gets emptier I feel almost sad. I think I have t go through a kind of a mourning period before I can enjoy it. I don't feel sad to move, this is what we dreamt about for such a long time, I feel sorry we didn't take the decision before. Life is so precious, every day counts, I've been fed up living here for years...
I am so scared we will not be able to make it there, that I will not find a job, that my husband will not succeed with his new company. I try to think what to do if it really doesn't work and I have no solution. I will not bring back the kids to this part of France, this morning we woke up hearing on the radio that a 19 year old jewish boy was attacked in the street yeasterday. He is, according to the radio, seriously wounded and the reason he got attacked was anti-Semit.
As there is no other solution I guess we will jus HAVE TO make it.
What is the tehilim for parnassa?
31 days left...

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