Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Yesterady we spent the day at Parc Asterix. Going on a Rollrer coaster is better than sedatives, I felt sooo relaxed afterwards, I screamed so much that all the stress went away...I should go for a ride every day before leaving.

Yesterday night we went to a huge bat mizva in Paris.

I think answered more than 200 "Hi how aaare you, so when are you leaving" and smiled to about 200 more " aaah voilà l'Israelienne!!!" (I don't have to translate that, do I?)

I feel we haven't slept for two weeks, the problem is that even when I go to bed early I don't, so I might as well go to bed late, at least then- I sleep, even if it's not much.

The movers are comming in 9 days and I keep on opening the boxes I have finished because I need something inside.
No- it's not me on the picture, I look much less sophisticated when I'm tired...

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