Thursday, 12 June 2008

Aching eardrums and sleepy eyes

I would have loved to update with " I've finished packing and we've sold the car" but I haven't and there is no sign of a car-buyer...
Yesterday we went to a wedding, a real Tunisan wedding, with great oriental food, a Tunisian orchestra with darboukas and the" snake charmer instrument".
For a stranger it must be incomprenhensive that there are North Africans on a Jewish wedding. The fact is that from the first note the dance floor was full and people sang along in arab. It's very common, there is almost no Jewish Tunisian wedding without "Haramt ahebak"
I feel nervous about the car, I really hope we will manage to sell it, there are 230 cars like mine ( same brand), waiting to change owner in France.
Mine -of course- is outstanding... different from the others... blacker, shinier, cleaner...euhhh...

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