Friday, 13 June 2008

This morning I met the Rabbi.
I think we have the most friendly, understanding and sweet Rabbi that exists.
All Rabbis should be, you might think, well they aren't, there are good and less good Rabbis, and mine is the best.
He asked me how I felt and I answered that we where wobbeling between euphoria and fear.

He smiled and said; "you're afraid of the delivery".- Don't worry, it doesn't hurt...

I think that was a very good comparison. We've created a dream together. We've fantasised, and dreamt about what it will be like for over a year.
Suddenly, when the D- Day is approaching we're afraid that it will be below our expectations or that we ( this time the pain will be shared, he, he) will not be able to stand the pain of labor.
Our child is an abstract dream becomming reality and the delivery will probably be longer and more painful than a real childbirth.
If the result will be up to our expectations, I'm willing to take the pain, even without epidural.

Shabat shalom!

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Karin said...

I'll go with the epidural - on the other hand, I'll have to take the pain alone... ;-) I like the comparison!