Monday, 19 May 2008


We have now an appartement almost furnished! Ikea delivered today and fortunately all did fit in the lift! They came exactly when they say they would and didn't break anything... My husband is afraid of hammers and screws and has managed to get someone to assemble the beds and warderobes for us next week, so hopefully it will be in order in July when we arrive.
We've visited the children's school, just accross the road, it's big, with 550 pupils, a huge playground, palmtrees and a lawn (!). The headmaster was young, very natural and relaxed, to me and my husband it seems to be a good choice. We were actually thinking of putting the children in another school further away until "K" pointed out to that it would be easier for the children to be in the same school as their neighbours.
We haven't put our name on the door yet but we have bought the mezouza and there is only the kitchen left to clean!
Jerusalem was as magic as always, tomorrow we're going north.

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