Saturday, 24 May 2008

Go Boaz!

My Swedish roots are still there, for sure, I'm watching the Eurovision Song contest with a bowl of Ben and Jerry's... In Sweden newspapers have followed the event for a month now, making comments about the Swedih singer's concurrents and forecasting winners and loosers. No doubt, Sweden will win, like always. Tomorrow the newspapers will write racist comments about the eastern countries, like always, it's because of them Sweden doesn't win.It was much better when they didn't participate...
Well, I got the impression that it was quite a big thing in Israel too, even if I don't understand everyhing I could clearly and very often hear the word "Eurovison" on the radio.
Boaz is cute, he makes me regret my youth, and the song is nice, he deserves a vote!
Imagine he would win, half of the countries (at least) would boycott next years Eurovison song contest and start militating for Gaza to participate!
Chavoa tov!

There is still time to vote!

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Tove said...

Israel have won before and there wasn't any boycott, so you don't have to worry...