Friday, 30 May 2008

Good morning world!

Today on he radio, and also in the newspaper we learn that a marriage in the north of France has been cancelled because the bride wasn't virgin. According to the custom, the bride's and the groom's respective families where waiting downstairs when the groom went out from the bedroom saying the bride wasn't bleeding- there were no bloodstains on the sheets, the bride was immediately brought back to her father.

As the marriage was based on a lie, as the groom didn't want to marry a girl with a non existant hymen the French judge decided to cancel the marriage...

I didn't know women had to be pure by ( European) law when they get married, and I know, since I was 14 that lot's of women don't bleed the first time. In this particular case the young girl admitted that she actually have had sex before, she lied to her future husband which is never good but should that be a legal reason to cancel a marriage ?
I don't agree, I am not a feminist but this makes me out of my mind. Imagine how many marriages that will be cancelled in the future for the same reason. Should women who marry this kind of culture go through a medical control before their civil wedding, refunded by the social insurance, why not?

I hope this cas will provoke a reaction, this kind of decision should definately not be encouraged by French law!


Anna said...

Kan det verkligen vara sant?? låter ju inte klokt. Hur ska de kolla att männen är "rena". usch vad arg jag blir //anna uk

Annai said...

Was the marriage annulled beacuse it was based on a lie or because of the fact that the girl wasn't a virgin? Either way it is sad to think that people find themselves in these kind of situations "in this day and age". They really can't have known eachother very well.

Ilanadavita said...

Because of the lie (that's bad enough).
I obviously heard it too and was going to blog about it but feared that the word "virgin" would attract countless perverts!!
What about the husband anyway? What had he told her and how could he prove it?

swedish chekchouka said...

Ilana, I was so upset this morning that I forgot about " the word"
On RMC they said the girl had admit, in a state of chock, that she had had sex with another man. I can imagine the scene, with her parents, mother and father in law etc...
I am far from alone being upset, they've been talking about it the whole day on the radio.
Chabat shalom!

Ilanadavita said...

Yes, it must have been awful for the poor woman.
Shabbat shalom!