Friday, 23 May 2008

Back in France

and only a few hours of sleep. I feel strange to be back here again. The trip calmed me down a lot and gave me strenght. I now know that the only fear I need to have is money. Life in Israel is great, if it wasn't for gaza and hezbolla'h the place would be called paradise... If we manage to survive on our salaries life will be great!
I showed the pictures of the children's new school this morning, my elder son was just interested in where he could play football during the breaks! He doesn't seem to be worried about anything at the moment which is quite amazing to me. Son number two has spoken about the slides in Israel the whole morning, they are absolutely awesome... I will start my prepared, pedagogical speech once we're there, nobody is interested in language barriers, for the moment.
Only 64 days to go!


Mia said...

We have a lot to learn from our children.

*yay* 64 days. *counting with you*!

Anna said...

det låter som om ni har gjort helt rätt val för er familj. önskar er en smidig flytt! kram anna uk

swedish chekchouka said...

mia and anna, "tack" for all support!