Thursday, 20 March 2008

Purim again

I found a recipe on internet and wanted to make Aman ears but until now I didn't have the time.

Maybe this afternoon, but to be honest I don't like baking.

This evening the kids are getting disguised and we're going to the synagogue where Esther's meguila is read.

I read in the newspaper that Egypt is now going to supply Gaza with electricity, that sounds fair. I wonder how much that decision has cost Europe, even if it sounds heroic I don't believe Egypt accepted the deal just because they feel sorry for their Palestinian brothers...


Katarina said...

I think that Egypt has always provided some electricity to Gaza, about 8% of their total consumption. Good that they are going to provide more.

How is it going with the baking? I am going to bake some too. With chocolate, that is all that the children like. I prefer the poppy seed but I forgot to buy.

Fenridal said...

See here or here