Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Druzes.

According to a poll made by the University of Tel Aviv 94 % of the Druzes in Israel identify themselves as Israelis and not Palestinians. I Didn't know much about the Druzes so I have been googeling to find out more.

The Druze religion is one of the most secretive and closed religions in the world. While there are some ties between Islamic and Druze belief, they differ on conversion: while Islam encourages conversion, the Druzes don't accept it.

In 1948 the Druzes fought on the Israeli side, that is probably the reason why, although they are a minority with only 104 000 people, they are well accepted in Israel today. Druzes do their military service and have also important positions in the army and in politics.

Most of them live in the North part of Gallilee, in "non mixed" villages, often on hilltops, probably because "historically" it was safer.

If you want to experience a Druze weekend this looks really nice:

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