Monday, 3 March 2008

The International book fair in Paris...

always invites one country to be their "guest of honour", this year it's Israel.
Of course this is very disturbing for a big part of the Arab countries who are calling to boycott the fair.

What's the problem? you may think, Amos Oz for example, founded " Peace now" and is well known as a firm supporter of a Palestinian statehood, well, as my husbands granny used to say : even if you cut the "curl" on the pig it remains a pig.
Amos is still a jew...

The Islamic organization said its boycott call was a "response to the special standing (the fair) gives to Israel despite its atrocities, oppression and imposed starvation and siege against the Palestinian people."
They also say that the fact that the invitation coincidence with the 60th anniversary of Israel gives the impression of a kind of comon celebration...
I am aginst Chinas goverment, therefor I will stop eating rice, I will no more by Chinese Lapsang tea ( it will probably punish the "tea leaf and the rice farmer" but who knows, maybe he's really mean) and I will forbid my son to play with his best friend who is Chinese! I'm sure that will make the world a better place. Suddenly it sounds absurd right?
It's horrible to see that so-called intellectual people could be such idiots and easily manipulated!

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