Friday, 28 March 2008

Morning conversation

This morning my youngest son showed me his plastic sword.

-Look mum there is blood on it.

-Oh really, how come, did you put mum's nailpolish on it?

-No, I killed a catholic.


-I killed a catholic ( laughing)

-What is a catholic?

-Catholics are those with other willies that eat pork meat ( still laughing, saying the w-word is so funny).

I don't analyze beacuse there is nothing to analyze, he could have said a vegetarian or a redhead instead of a catholic but I admit it sounded really, really horrible and I am relieved he didn't come out with this in front of other people.

I raise my children to respect people around them no matter their religion or colour.

The children's school is mixed with catholics, muslims, jews and vegetarians, they serve veg food at lunch and this tend to disturb the children's order of who is who.

I don't think it's shocking that the children ask each other to which community they belong as long as the answer doesn't change anything.

As my older son said about his best friend, -he is a muslim mum, but in friendship those things are not important, right?

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