Monday, 25 February 2008

Different queueing

Every country has its "spécialité" and in Israel it seems to be the queueing... In our hebrew book we have 3 chapters treating the subject with sentences like " I was here before you" or "how am I supposed to understand in which direction your are queueing when your are standing like this" During my journey in Israel I had dinner with some friends and I brought up the subject. Katarina then told me something that made me giggle.
In her post office they just installed a queue ticket system, that is quite smart I think, no-one can sneak in before you and you can realx until it's your turn. Well, it seemed to her as if the Israelis did,'t really rely on their new machine. She didn't even have the time to put her foot inside the office before 20 people yelled - Take a ticket!! You have to take a ticket !!( Sepharadis like to repeat twice the same sentence) When she pressed the bottom and got her number everyone shouted - Which number did you get, which number? Just to be sure the machine wouldn't give number 28 after number 11. They then explained who was before her and who was after.
I have noticed that people tend to stand very close to you at the airport and then just slide past when you bend to pick up your bag to check it in.
I'll practice that at my local post-office or why not at the supermarket so I will be fit for Israeli queueing in July...


Mia said...

(haha) Engelsmännen ÄLSKAR att köa, men är också väldigt artiga.

Du e för kul. :)

Katarina said...

Japp, sånt är livet här! Jag ska precis till posten nu, men den gamla där de ännu inte har övergått till det besvärliga och komplicerade nummerlappssystemet!