Sunday, 10 February 2008

The best strikers in the world!!!!!

Yes, we're going to Israel on Thursday. This time we didn't choose Air France, we haven't forgotten the last time when we spent 8 hours at the Airport because of the AF cabincrew strike. We we're lucky because they didn't cancel our flight and we didn't even complain about the nasty cabincrew who kept repeating they were tired.

Almost 1000 euros for the plane ticket and we were treated like sh*t!

This time we were smarter ( we thought ) reserving with another company, but that was without counting on the staff working at the Airport.

They'll be on strike the whole week. Some planes will be cancelled and some won't.

Every week someone's on strike and it always affects ME! It's like if I would lock my neighbour in and prevent him from working beacause my boss doesn't want to give me a pay raise. I really don't see the connection between me and their problems. EVERY week someone's on strike, Taxi drivers blocked whole Paris ( my husband was stuck in is car for 3 hours) last week, The week before Air France was on strike and the week before that the school teachers...

I'm really fed up, I think I'll go out and jump on a frog to chill out.


Lillie dAmour said...

Poor froggy, its not his fault, jump on somebody that works as a fonctionnaire, but don't doo it where you live, they will remember it...and you 'll pay next time you will call the social security!!

Shlomo Yona said...

Why pay 1000 euro for a flight ticket from Paris to Israel and back?

I easily found tickets no pricier than 650 dollars via an on-line tourist agency.

Who sold you there terribly high-priced tickets?

Shlomo Yona said...

If you'll be in the neighborhood, please stop by to say hello.

Dosiss said...

"The right to strike is soon shot down by the strikers and it really should be used as last time option, like the atomic bomb."
Said Elisabeth Levy, a french journalist on Europe 1 this afternoon.

swedish chekchouka said...

I know it's cheaper from Israel but it's very complicated to buy from israel for us europeans... we have to waste a ticket actually, we can't buy Paris tel aviv but have to buy T-A - Paris TA-Paris so finally it's expensive too. This time we didn't choose AF since it was expensive and on strike, we chose an Israeli company, much, much cheaper. I'd love to see you, I send you an email this afternoon, plese tell me if you didn't recieve it, I have four or five email adresses in your name, maybe I picked the wrong one...
lehit raot for now

swedish chekchouka said...

Dossis; Mrs Levy seems to be an intelligent journalist.
Lillie; I'm sure they have a kind of a blck list or something, They ask your name, check the list and then make you wait for hours before they hang up.