Monday, 18 February 2008


What rain can do... We are driving around between Tel Aviv and Natanya, looking for a nice place to rent, we haven't found anything yet, prices are going up and it's difficult to imagine how much money we're going to earn and how much we will be able to spend on a rent.
Thanks to some wonderful friends we had a fantastic break in the mountains, between Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh, and I took some nice pictures. As you can see there are more than sand here.


Karin said...

Beautiful pictures! Look forward to see you on Thursday!

Saskia said...

wow!! beautiful! The pictures look like they are from a magazine, so nice!!

swedish chekchouka said...

karin; I can't wait!!
saskia; it's so beautiful, almost unreal!

Mia said...

Vad fantastiskt vackert. Det måste har varit en underbart tripp.

Stor kram och tumhållning hålls här att ni hittar något som ni gillar som stämmer överens med era behov.


Anna Malaga said...

Mmmm - I love almond flowers...or whatever you call it...;-)