Monday, 28 January 2008

School, Hebrew and Gaza again...

I called Israel today and got more precise information about the children and school.

Every school offers minimum 6 hours of hebrew lessons per week for the immigrants. The woman I had on the phone said she was going to make appointments for us in 3 different schools in the areas we are interested about. Jewish Agency is great, I can't understand those who criticize, some peolpe never get enough...

My son feel much calmer now when I promised him hebrew lessons before leaving but unfortunately yesterday on the news they showed Palestinian screaming they wanted to bomb all Jews... Since they put French voices on films and reports instead of subtitles it was easy for him to understand.

I wonder why they show these kind of things on televison, there is nothing good comming out of it.

I truly hope that they will get their Palestinian state, build up their country, get wealthy and stop thinking about their neighbours. Why can't Egypt just take gaza back until they've sorted out democraty?
Sadat refused to take Gaza back in 1979, I bet you didn't know that?!
Another great idea would be to move Gaza to Europe. The Europeans wouldn't react if they received missiles daily, they would continue letting them inside their country even if there where a few suicide bombers exploding themselves at marketplaces or big malls . No walls, no id control at the border. European people are too civilized for that.
Good night or Good morning, where ever you are, who ever you are.

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