Friday, 11 January 2008

Chabat Shalom!

To night we have invited the son of;

-OOhhh what did you get for Hanukka?

-loooots of gifts!

- Really? well, when the baby mom has got in her belly will get out he'll pick them all!


-So you're going to Israel? You will never find friends, you'll be all alone and you will have to send your kids to war.

- Well, I actually know people there and there is no war, the children are still small.

-War will come and soon they're 18...

but her son is actually ok...


Karin said...

She's probably just jealous of you who dares to take the step. Or she's just a miserable bore... I can't believe that people have the strenght to be so negative all the time, poor them! Shabbat shalom!

Larssons said...

Åhh en sådan charmerande person.

Mia said...

I read something really good on the internet *were else?* the other day:

Someone Else's Negativity is Their's

It's like the dog crap someone refused to pick up after their own dog. Are you going to reach down and get it? H*ll no. Ditto with someone else's bad mood. Not your job to clean it up. Smile, and tell them you'll catch them later. And no "I'm sorry"s. You're not. They should be for sullying your space.

Usch for puckon!