Monday, 21 January 2008

I found it hard to understand

why people think it's horrible that Israel has cut the electricity that they usually offer Gaza. The Palestinian Authority refuses to recognize Israel as a legitimate state and missiles are falling on Sderot like the rain in Dublin ( just back from Ireland) but the only thing i see on TV are people freezing in Gaza.

With all millions pumped into Gaza each year Europe didn't see that they installed electricity and hospitals on their side so they hadn't to pass the border to give birth or to go to the dentist. They let them buy weapons for the money and asked Israel to finance their electricity bill.

I wonder how many of us would accept to give money to a neighbour that tries to kill our children every day. 99% of us would probably not even lend him our car...

It's easier to be intelligent and generous in words than in action.
By the way, according to Haaretz 78 % of the arab population in Jerusalem is against a divison of the city, they want Jerusalem to remain Israeli.
Ireland is a fantastic country, please try to visit as soon as you can! It rains a lot but people have sunshine in their eyes and hearts!

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