Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The real estate agnet is comming to take pictures on our house this afternoon. Therefor I have spent hours cleaning walls and doors from greasy little fingerprints... Why do children always have greasy, sticky fingers?

A house without finger marks is much more expensive than a house with fingermarks, everyone knows that!!

The worst thing isn't that they are comming to take pictures, it's that the house will have to be perfect for months now. Real estate agents always pop up when they shouldn't with potential buyers who want to check cupboards for example, what a nightmare!
I have to admit something you probably don't know yet; I am not perfect, but I'm afraid to let people know that so I will now enter a period of hysteric cleaning until the house is sold. When the agency calls to ask if they can come in five minutes, I will answer (poised); sure, no problem.
Dear G*d, please send us buyer a s a p. Rich and generous please. Thank you!!!


Lillie dAmour said...

While doing our househunt 2 years ago, we still remembers and laughs about that some people doesnt care about even cleaning their house.
We visited a house that a party had been held the day before and the house that was nice, but realy greasy dropped to our bottom line right away.
A house with swimming pool , that had never been cleaned! Gah...
I know that you will find a rich buyer soon!
Its a really popular place to live in.
A small Wisteria Lane!

Mia said...

Huuu! Jag e _inte_ avundsjuk, här e vi likadana. Håller tummarna för en snabb "sale"!