Thursday, 22 November 2007

The more we think about it...

... the more Kfar Yona seems to be our place.

It's funny, taking the decision to move to Israel was quite easy, now that we have to decide exactly where to live it suddenly becomes complicated. We loved Ramat Poleg close to the sea with beautiful appartements ( a little too expensive of course) and we adored Kfar Yona, a village about 7 km from Netanya on the road to Tulkarm. It is exactly what we love, do we dare to move to place no-one knows?

I've been googling and found two people living in Kfar Yona with their emailadresses, I wrote them a mail, now I'm checking my mailbox ten times a day, I hope one of them will answer. We want to know about schools and a little more about the area.
When we passed through I asked a lady who was gardening if the proximity to Tulkarm was a problem. She answered;

-Noooo, why would it be a problem? We believe in God and Tsahal...

I'll try to remeber those words when the "going will get tough"


Shlomo Yona said...


I'm happy to read that you think that Kfar Yona is a good place for you to live in.

I'd be happy to help answering your questions.

You can e-mail me to yona at cs dot technion dot ac dot il and ask specific questions.

1. The kindergartens are OK. Our older son, Aviv, who is now 6 years old went to Gan-Na'im last year, which was great. the non-formal education in the kindergartens that start from noon till 16:30 is also wonderful -- especially if you get to be with Marcella. Sivan, who is 3 years old, is attending Gan-Yarden, that has a great teacher, Ya'el, and a great assistant, Dina. We are very satisfied.
2. Aviv is attending first grade this year in Amal elementary school. We think that the school is OK and are happy with his friends and his teacher. The after school non-formal education (until 16:30) is OK too.

I drive to Tel-Aviv and back on a daily basis. If you leave by 06:00am or after 10:30am you can get there in 30-40 minutes (I work in Ramat-HaChayil high-tech area, which is in the north of Tel-Aviv). Driving from Tel-Aviv back at 15:00 or at 15:30 or after 20:30 is similarly fast and easy. Otherwise, there are serious traffic jams, as you have in all Israel :-)

I can tell you a lot more:
1. what is the best neighborhood, in my opinion...
2. activities
3. and more -- write me

Good luck!


Karin said...

Hej! Jag har pratat med min svarmor som ar speciallarare i Kfar Yona. Har skrivit till dig pa Facebook om vad hon tycker. Hoppas att det tillfor nagot.