Saturday, 10 November 2007

It's done!!!!!

Even if all my readers are Swedish I have decided to continue in English, I feel more anonymous and mysterious this way...

Friday afternoon, after a deep breath and a glass of water I called my parents. I have perepared this for months, what to say, how to tell them.

My father kept talking about the weather, the wind and the temperature ( so Swedish), I didn't even listen and suddenly I interrupted him and said that we were moving to Israel.

The answer supprised me. He said that he knew, that he could understand but that he felt sad because of the distance. We spoke about almost everything and i actually got the impression that he understood our decision.
Mum's reaction was cold and without feelings, she spoke about how expensive it would be for her to get to Tel Aviv and that we wouldn't be able to meet often, or at all, she would have to check up the price first.

It's so sad to think that five hundred Euros could stop a mother from seeing her child. I try not to think about what she said, there is nothing to understand, this woman has a deep, deep problem.


Lillie dAmour said...

Its kinda strange feeling to write to your best friend in english, anyway, now its done, you've done it.
What is moving to Israel, i mean if you were moving to Tahiti ,I would be thinking Oh my, thats far away, but Israel its not that far away.
You know,that I have friends who ask me when we are coming back home to see them and requests a visit while we were in Sweden and who have never been in France to visit us! Do you believe that?
You understand, it is so expensive to take a Ryan and leave Sweden for a week-end. ( I am trying not to be too ironic).
Good done, darling! It will be a marvellous experience, I am so happy for you and I will follwing this adventure close and promise, when you all settled, we will come and visit Israel (poor O!!)
Lots of Love

Mia said...

Well done, you!!! Don't bother with your mum, feel joy of your understanding father, I think his reaction was really sweet.

If I didn't know better, we could have the same mother..

You go, girl!

Karin said...

Maybe I should write my comments in Hebrew so you (and I) get to practice a bit!!

I agree with Mia, be happy about your fathers reaction and try not to let your mothers' negative energy get to you. And let him know that parts of the year there are actually direct flights between Stockholm and TA, it won't take that long to come and see you!

swedish chekchouka said...

She will get used to it I'm sure, and to be honest, even if she doesn't my decision won't change. I'm happy, my husband is happy and my children will feel som much better in Israel than in France.
Thank's for your support!

Larssons said...

You did it and that is the most important thing. Remember your fathers support.

Anna said...

Vad skönt att du har fått säga det nu! kram anna uk