Wednesday, 6 August 2008

We have recieved our Id's! We have been looking at them, touching , examinating them for minutes as if they where treasure maps, in one way they are!
Today the container is comming up from Ashdod, I dread undoing all boxes I filled and closed them all just a few weeks ago, besides I have just finished unpacking our 400 kilos we brought by plane. Sometimes I wish I had a slave to take care of everything.
In a few weeks, when we will be able to sit down with a coffee without feeling bad not doing this or that I will feel relieved.
All administration is now done, I can't beleive it has been so easy, comming from France where everything that has to do with prefecture means trouble we're enchanted. The public servants have been helpful and nice, that's something I haven't experienced the last 18 years in France!
My son is invited to the neighbour's birthdayparty friday afternoon, I thought that was very kind of them inviting him, I was surprised when my son smiled and said great!
Children are amazing!


Leora said...

Your son sounds like is LOVING Israel. That is so wonderful. Enjoy.

swedish chekchouka said...

Leora, they all do, don't they?Comparing life here to the life in the Parisian suburbs would be like comparing champagne and sparkling wine ;)
Until now, tfou,tfou,tfou, they love it here!