Sunday, 17 August 2008

All the boxes are opened, Son number 2 who got nits at the Oulpan hasn't got a single left in his hair and I have stopped itching my own head, his fever has gone down and so has mine, although I still feel very tired with a terrible head-ache.
The washing machine that we brought from France can now be emptied without getting electric chocks, My husband tried to get away with it by telling us all to put our shoes on but the kids started to touch it barefoot and thought it was an hilarious feeling getting chocks so I finally won and he has now changed the receptacles on all French machines. My Swedish dad thinks we are crazy, sometimes I think that if he really knew what we where doing he wouldn't ever talk to me again.
Busy week, we're all tired and heading for Eilat in the middle of the week, we do need som rest.


Lillie plein damour said...

Ja, om min Pappa visst att vi mâlade om ett rum utan att ta bort listerna!!
Kram gumman. Ha det sâ underbart i Eilat.

Baila said...

Nits. One of the hazards of life in Israel. :)

Jacob said...

Hejdär, det va så längesen jag va inne på blogg, kul och läsa att går bra för dig :-) njut av sommaren nu.