Thursday, 18 October 2007

Yesterday I took the train into the capital to for my hebrew lessons. Once at the train I found out that I didn't dare to take up my hebrew book and read.

It is completely taboo to talk about this and it would probably pass for jewish paranoïa but it is a fact that it is dangerous.

I asked my husband later, if he dared to open his hebrew vocabulary in a public place.

He said no, I don't, I am too afraid it would provoke people.

You can read Chinese, Arabic or Greek books, no-one would bother. Hebrew though, is provokative...

Even if they polls are showing that antisemtism is decreasing it is very present in our lives.


Mia said...

I am glad that you are sharing this blog with me, I recently saw a documentary about the antisemitism in UK and I was astounded of how established it is in society today.

To me, it seems like madness and I haven't seen it myself, I thought these kind of views belonged to a past era, I thought that I had never come across it myself, but it is mind blowing how obvious it is in the society of today, even in magazines and the news.

Thank you for inviting me.

Lillie dAmour said...

I am so upset.
Be proud of what you have, why hide your hebrew lesson.
Stand up people!
Be proud of what you are.