Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The thought of the day...

The Solidarity in the diaspora is very strong and increases of course as the antisemitsm rices, the feeling that you are apart makes it more and more important to know WHO is jewish. For example, if you need to choose between two doctors that you don't know you would maybe chose the one with a jewish name, because you'd feel more safe that way. For some people this sounds very sectarian, almost racist, but it is a common way to react.

Imagine a Norweigan family in Oman, wouldn't they be happy to find a doctor with Norweigan origins?

When European jews are moving to Israel this is a big chock, EVERYONE is jewish!No more glances saying "are you"? no more discrete smiles or nods to tell the person "yes I am".

Lot's of olim feel they lose their footing and they miss the solidarity in the dispora which was provoked by the reason they left; the feeling to be apart and not belong a hundred procent to the nation.

In a certain way the olé goes from being a member of little group a part in a country to a citizen in nation apart in the world. If you feel no one understands you in your European contry today, tomorrow in Israel you will experience the whole world (almost) misunderstands you.

This is quite clear in my head and I think I will be able to handle it, I want to be a part of Israel, I am aware that no one is waiting for us or will say thank you for comming, and even more important, that the sionism probaly stops at the border.

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Katarina said...

I'm waiting for you!