Saturday, 6 October 2007

The most common answers

We want to do our Aliyah!
If you think that the person standing in front of you will react with a smile, a friendly hug and some nice words like " that sounds lika a great idea" you are completely wrong.
The first answer is without any doubt "It's very difficult over there" The person explains that you will have to learn hebrew (make sense to me) and also that summer holiday on the beach is not the same as "everydaylife" ( make sense too)
If you show no weakness and that you still want to go, even if you will not lie down on the beach the whole day and that you are actually willing to learn hebrew you will have to get ready for answer number two. You know, G*d forgive me, the Israelis are... (in general the person doesn't dare to finish the sentence immediately) this summer we were really disapointed... they are very bad-mannered and really rough, they cannot queue!
Well, if they can't queue we will reconsider our decision!! It's funny, I always thought they were very natural, maybe they are not... We'll see in november when we're going there, maybe love is blind...
The third argument for not going to Israel is the salary, unfortunately I do believe it's true that you earn less than in Europe. What will that mean, will I only have six skirts instead of ten? Maybe the kids will be able to tell me what they would like for a birthday gift, now when I ask them they never know...
The only thing that really worries me is that I will not be able to see my parents as often as now, but that is a problem I will have in common with all families living on differents continents...
These three arguments are the most important for not doing an aliyah. Ofcourse, if you continue to say you still want to go you will hear about the war, schools finishing at one o'clock in the afternoon, hospitals, how expensive cars are.
Maybe we are insane, because we think we can do it, we still want to do it, and we are still proud that we will (bli neder) become olim hadashim next year.

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Nice to read your blog! You are going to do just fine in Israel, promise!