Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A scientific proof that "aynara" does exist!

I crashed the car...

The other morning when I was leaving from the speach therapist with child number 2 I succeded in going straight upon a lump of concrete.
To be honest, I surpassed myself!
The front of the car got up on it and when I realized what I had done and reversed, the whole bumper fell off.
Fortunately my husband didn't ask the question until I had calmed down; how on earth did you do that?

Yesterday evening my Spanish neighbour ( nothing against the Spanish) asked me where my Ford was. I told him I had an accident and he said ( here it comes); "Aah, I looked at you car the other morning and then I looked at mine thinking how come my car is full of scratches and not hers? here he starts grinning, and continues " the same evening I saw you had a little accident, what a coincidence"!!



Today I will buy some "pror" and walk the "kanun" around the house!

Psht, psht, psht.

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