Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Khadafi is camping in Paris

Yes, he is here, without camels (he accepted a limo) but with a bedouin tent that he planted in the garden of the five star hotel Marigny...
I think he could have brought slaves and prostituted girls under 18 as long as he signs the contracts.
It's definately better to be a rich terrorsit than a poor terrorist.
Who cares? He is signing contracts for millions and millions of Euros and he did free the Bulgarian nurses... Well Amnesty International seems quite upset and over 80percent of the French population, ungreatful pepople...
Anyway, the tent is heated so Nicolas won't have to freeze if anyone worried about that, he will have to sit for hours drinking tea and listen to b*llsh*t before he'll get his signatures.
Political prostitution is still legal.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Got a horrible mail today,

from my mother-in-law.
Nooo, she wasn't asking me to take better care of her son, she didn't blame me for not calling her, she told me about an article she had read, about English teachers that are dropping holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending muslim pupils.
To be honest I thought it was crap but checked it up and found out that it was true(Teachers drop the Holocaust to avoid offending Muslims
By LAURA CLARK in the Daily Mail)
Well, in France they don't teach Holocaust in lots of suburbs for the same reason.
In one generation nobody will probably even react when Iranian politicians are saying that it never happend.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Surrounded by deaf and blind owls...am I crazy?

You know these madmen walking around talking about the end of the world, or those carrying huge crucifix screaming that we are all sinners. I have always been fascinated about how sure they are about their thoughts and convictions and that they never seem to bother that they are quite alone to think the way they do.
Well, in one way I understand them better know. I feel it's so obvious that we all should leave and I just cannot realise that the others haven't noticed.
I really feel that I know and see something they don't. I don't walk around trying to convince them though, even if I could knock on the neghbours doors screaming that the end is near, telling them about our friends teen-age daughter who got slapped friday, by a nine year old boy, and insulted just because she was Jewish... I don't, because if we all leave on the same time it will be a big balagan.
I need my energy to fight with my hebrew verbs, against the army of invisible vowels and unpronouncable words.
I wish I could wake up tomorrow and speak fluent hebrew.
By the way, did anyone see a man on a white donkey saturday?

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Another ola hadasha

Mimi Reingardt, 92 years old arrived in Israel yesterday.

This Ola hadasha ( new immigrant) worked as Oscar Shindler's secretary during the war, together they saved thousands of Jews, you have probably all seen the film.

Jewish, and born in Austria, Mrs Shindler joined her son Sacha who has been living in Israel for 30 years.

Yesterday she said to the journalists that she was happy and felt at home.

It's never too late to come home...

Monday, 3 December 2007

Alex Kurzem, the jewish nazi mascot

Yesterday I watched a tv program telling the story of a Jewish Lithuanian child who escaped from the nazis, got caught in the forest and was saved by the same man who killed his family.
As he was blond with blue eyes, one of the SS soldier told the others he was a Russian boy and the child became a kind of a mascot for the Germans. He even appeard in nazi propagande films.
After the war he was taken care of by a Lithuanian family but decided to leave for Australia when he was 15.
Until now he never told anyone about his strange destiny. He spoke about what he had seen, about his mother telling him " we're all going to die tomorrow", how he kissed his mother goodbye during the nigt and escaped , rapes and killing , and the constant fear that one of the German soldiers would see that he was cirumcised.
The man is now in his 80's and one day he decided to tell his son what really happended during the war. He also decided to return to his village. There he was told that his father actually never died during the massacre but was sent to a concentration camp and survived. After the war he returned to the village and died there in 1975...
During the whole report the man was visibly moved, when he said that his father was alive until 75 he started to cry.

What a horrible story and what a destiny!
We must never forget what happened just a few years ago, and also why Israel was given to Jews after the war.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Next Saturday Mashia could be comming...

Try to behave this last week.
The French chief rabbi calls all jews in the world to respect next chabbat, i.e no work, no cooking, no electricity except what has been lighted before chabat and a few hundred other prohibitions.
If we all respect this perhaps Mashia will come on his white donkey and all dead will revive.
We will then be able to meet Napoleon Bonaparte,Columbus and Moses among others.
I would definately look up my husbands grandmother and hug her for hours, I miss her.
It sounds like fiction, only a white donkey is hard to imagine but I think we should all try, I don't want to feel guilty next week if he doesn't come.