Monday, 3 December 2007

Alex Kurzem, the jewish nazi mascot

Yesterday I watched a tv program telling the story of a Jewish Lithuanian child who escaped from the nazis, got caught in the forest and was saved by the same man who killed his family.
As he was blond with blue eyes, one of the SS soldier told the others he was a Russian boy and the child became a kind of a mascot for the Germans. He even appeard in nazi propagande films.
After the war he was taken care of by a Lithuanian family but decided to leave for Australia when he was 15.
Until now he never told anyone about his strange destiny. He spoke about what he had seen, about his mother telling him " we're all going to die tomorrow", how he kissed his mother goodbye during the nigt and escaped , rapes and killing , and the constant fear that one of the German soldiers would see that he was cirumcised.
The man is now in his 80's and one day he decided to tell his son what really happended during the war. He also decided to return to his village. There he was told that his father actually never died during the massacre but was sent to a concentration camp and survived. After the war he returned to the village and died there in 1975...
During the whole report the man was visibly moved, when he said that his father was alive until 75 he started to cry.

What a horrible story and what a destiny!
We must never forget what happened just a few years ago, and also why Israel was given to Jews after the war.


Lillie dAmour said...

Its our duty to pass the information on to our children.
Never forget.

Mia said...

Det är svindlande hemskt. Vilket öde för pojken och för många många andra med honom.


aliya said...

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