Sunday, 9 December 2007

Surrounded by deaf and blind I crazy?

You know these madmen walking around talking about the end of the world, or those carrying huge crucifix screaming that we are all sinners. I have always been fascinated about how sure they are about their thoughts and convictions and that they never seem to bother that they are quite alone to think the way they do.
Well, in one way I understand them better know. I feel it's so obvious that we all should leave and I just cannot realise that the others haven't noticed.
I really feel that I know and see something they don't. I don't walk around trying to convince them though, even if I could knock on the neghbours doors screaming that the end is near, telling them about our friends teen-age daughter who got slapped friday, by a nine year old boy, and insulted just because she was Jewish... I don't, because if we all leave on the same time it will be a big balagan.
I need my energy to fight with my hebrew verbs, against the army of invisible vowels and unpronouncable words.
I wish I could wake up tomorrow and speak fluent hebrew.
By the way, did anyone see a man on a white donkey saturday?

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